Regular eye health exams with a qualified optometrist will ensure that your eyes stay healthy.

The doctor will also provide you with an updated eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription to ensure that you achieve the best vision possible. Not having an updated prescription can lead to blurry vision, eye strain, headaches and even vertigo..

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Although contact lenses give you the ability to see clearly, they are still considered a foreign object in your eye. Therefore, contact lenses need to be treated with respect and contact lens wearers need to follow the recommendations on wearing time, cleaning and follow-up visits.

Our certified opticians and contact lens fitters have completed four years of training and practicums to provide you with knowledgeable and professional care when it comes to your contacts and glasses.

Eye health examinations and prescription updates for contact lens wearers are recommended to be done every year and at least every two years for eyeglass wearers.

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